Pinnacle Unemployment Services & Consulting

Welcome to Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting. We’re proud to launch Pinnacle as a unique, innovative consulting company to help businesses with their unemployment insurance needs. We’re a local, small business and we understand the challenges and needs of other small businesses in our area.

Though we’re a new company, we have over 20 years of consulting, technology and process management experience. Unemployment insurance (UI) consulting is all we do so we can remain completely focused on giving our clients the best service available. Our business office is in Worcester, MA, strategically located near Hartford, Boston, Providence and Springfield. We only serve our neighbors in New England and are expert in these State and local laws, people and systems. You will have a better experience and outcome (which means more money in your pocket) with Pinnacle than bloated, national organizations that try to be all things to all people.

We use technology and efficient business processes to give our clients an advantage. Every essential UI-related document is stored electronically and securely, and can be retrieved and shared with clients quickly and easily. President and founder of Pinnacle, Josh Goodman, talks about this value added service. “I was frustrated in my prior UI experiences before conceiving and launching Pinnacle, and so were clients. Documents were being stored in a sea of file cabinets. There was no way to respond quickly to client requests for paperwork when having to fish through cabinets and folders to hopefully come up with the right document, pull staples and attachments out, send it via fax, and then put it back together and away. Everyone was losing precious time. It also wasn’t secure or efficient for multiple staff members to share information. We are proud of our solution, powered by Google, that allows us to track these documents with ease and share them with clients electronically in minutes or even seconds.”

As a new company, we’re willing to go further for clients to earn their business and prove our value. Our pricing is aggressive and we are offering a cost-free, no-risk analysis. This is an absolutely awesome opportunity for business owners, HR managers, and accounting staff to see if they are losing money due to a State miscalculation, without any risk or commitment. Goodman comments, “We’re eliminating barriers of entry for prospective clients by offering something of great value. We’re willing to invest the time to review UI paperwork and to uncover commonly made mistakes by the State. If we find something, we’ll simply ask you to work with us to correct the problem so you will have a corrected calculation to save money now and years into the future. You will be money ahead immediately. We love talking shop and we’ll learn more about your needs during this process to see how else we can save you time and money. This is something we hope many people will take advantage of for their peace of mind and bottom line.”

We don’t stop our free services at the no-cost analysis. Once you’ve signed on with us, we’ll look forward to scheduling a training seminar for your managerial staff that gives them the processes and form templates they need to effectively handle staff situations of an acute or progressive behavioral, insubordinate, or confrontational nature. Even seasoned managers will benefit from this knowledge and way of thinking by staving off costly mistakes that lead to successful unemployment claims, or worst yet, law suits against organizations. This proactive seminar will help your staff grow, be a morale builder, and will ultimately save you money. When the seminar is combined with our company handbook review, it is an even more effective shield for your business. We can find problems with sections of the handbook related to unemployment that expose your organization during an employee separation. By fixing the language in the handbook, aligning with the education of the seminar, and the proper supporting forms, you have the best chance of success.

Aside from proactive education and safety nets set up to protect your business and organized management of paperwork, you get the most value from Pinnacle during a claim. This is when we will take the lead and be a client’s guide, navigating the confusing process of time critical paper filings, proper language on submissions to the State, building a case, making appeals, and going to hearings to provide representation. We speak on your behalf, with a complete knowledge of UI laws and the experience of hundreds of hearings under our belts. Clients can rest easy knowing we are managing their case as partner experts.

We’re proud to offer Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting as the newest, most nimble, most client-focused and innovative unemployment service in New England. We look forward to serving companies large and small, of all kinds, with all backgrounds, with pride and professionalism, and adding value to save our clients a tremendous amount of time and money.