What Can Pinnacle Do For You? A Lot!!

Before you pay us a penny, we're going to find out if you're losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars due to State errors. Try our cost-free, no-risk, no-commitment analysis. You may not be aware you're losing money at all, or have time to fix it, or know what to do. We do, and when we find it, we're going to fix it, and invite you to work with us to make sure it's always right in the future!

Our Cost Free Analysis Only Takes a Few Minutes

Take advantage of our cost free analysis. All you have to do is send us a copy of your current year unemployment tax rate or an annual history of your charge statements if you're a dollar for dollar, non-profit or municipality employer. If you're not sure, feel free to call us at 508-425-6991 and we'll help you figure it out. We can also make determinations from the following documents or circumstances:

  • a local office claim
  • an appeal hearing
  • a board of review appeal
  • an employee separation (resignation, termination, leave of absence, or layoff)
  • a charge statement with charges that are believed to be erroneous
  • any unemployment questions or concerns

Again, if you need help, call and we can walk you through what these documents are, how to find them, and share some knowledge so you are better informed.

Send It Over..

Once you have the document(s) you want to send us, use one of the following methods. We'll keep it in complete confidence and give it a thorough analysis.

Fax it to us at 508-425-6992

Scan and email it to us at info@pinnacle-usc.com

Completely Confidential

Please feel comfortable to ask any question or to mention any concerns in the email, on the fax, or over the phone. This is completely confidential and is a free benefit for you. We hope you see the immediate value of having an affordable, on-demand, unemployment consulting partner. If your question or concern is time sensitive, especially if an unemployment related deadline is approaching, please mention that in your inquiry.

Completely Free!

What if the few minutes you take to send us your info saves you several thousand dollars? Wouldn't that be time well spent? You have nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain.

If you're an experienced business owner, finance or HR manager who knows this stuff cold but are looking to outsource some or all of your unemployment tax management, ask a question, have an issue going on now that you want to bounce off of us or would like a quote for our services (budgetary quotes as well), get in touch with us anytime at 508-425-6991 or info@pinnacle-usc.com.