Charge Statement Auditing

Get a comprehensive audit of your State issued charge benefit statement to unearth errors and save money.

Claim Document Management

Offload the management of all claims paperwork and deadlines, and get secure access to all documents.

Claims Representation

Receive expert representation at claims hearings with over 15 years of experience on your side of the table.

Company Handbook Review

Work with Pinnacle to Review Your Handbook, edit problem statements and areas, and safeguard your business.

Expert Consulting

Contact us to get on-the-spot, expert advice in handling employee situations, paperwork, or any matter of concern.

Tax Rate Assessment

Depend on Pinnacle to review your tax rate, find all errors from the State, correct them, and save you money.

Training Seminar

Enjoy a complimentary seminar and free forms to prepare your staff for situations and safeguard your business.