Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting is a New England unemployment consulting agency. We help businesses comply with mandatory State unemployment insurance requirements and protect them from making costly mistakes. Many businesses are already losing money and stand to lose more, but it is completely preventable. Every business can benefit from Pinnacle’s affordable services.
What are the Benefits? Why do I Need Pinnacle?

Want to save time? Money? Have peace of mind? Unemployment insurance (UI) may be the last thing business owners think about, but UI mistakes can lose businesses thousands of dollars a year, and lead to more extensive fines or even business closures.

We will find out if you’re already losing money and will stop it immediately
We will secure your business from common UI risks and ensure you’re in compliance
We will guide you on all employee matters to reduce your exposure to a costly UI claim
We’ll manage all paperwork, meet all filing deadlines, and represent you in claims hearings

Contact Us. You’ll learn more in a 5-minute call than through hours of UI site reading or web searches. Or try our free consultation by clicking below.

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Full Line Up of Services

You get so much for so little! Our mission is to unburden you and your team, save you time and money, and provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind. We are your full service unemployment insurance consultant and partner. Take a look at a preview of our services below.

Charge Statement Auditing

Get a comprehensive audit of your State issued charge benefit statement to unearth errors and save money.

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Claim Document Management

Offload the management of all claims paperwork and deadlines, and get secure access to all documents.

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Claims Representation

Receive expert representation at claims hearings with over 15 years of experience on your side of the table.

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Company Handbook Review

Work with Pinnacle to Review Your Handbook, edit problem statements and areas, and safeguard your business.

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Expert Consulting

Contact us to get on-the-spot, expert advice in handling employee situations, paperwork, or any matter of concern.

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Tax Rate Assessment

Depend on Pinnacle to review your tax rate, find all errors from the State, correct them, and save you money.

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Training Seminar

Enjoy a complimentary seminar and free forms to prepare your staff for situations and safeguard your business.

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Award Winning Claims Management

Pinnacle is proud to be recognized as a 2022 top claims processing company by Financial Services Review. This award is the result of tireless work to make our claims process secure, seamless and simple for our clients.

Financial Services Review sat down with us to learn more about what makes Pinnacle such an outstanding services provider. Take a look at the full page article by clicking the button below. We look forward to showing you the Pinnacle difference too!


Want more detail about the benefits of working with Pinnacle? Read on...
Pinnacle Staff Preparation

Prepare Staff and Protect Your Business

Your staff, through lack of experience, procedures and forms, may be at serious risk for mishandling employee behavioral or disciplinary issues. Just a one hour seminar with Pinnacle will raise awareness and arm your managers with all of the tools they need to protect your business.

Audit Financials and Recuperate Lost Monies

Errors by the State run rampant and you could be paying too much unemployment insurance right now. Would you be able to tell.. do you know what to look for? We'll find all errors, correct them immediately, get you a refund if one is due and ensure everything is correct going forward!

Pinnacle Financial Audit
Pinnacle Document Management

Securely, Electronically Store, Organize & Share Paperwork

The State will send you documents that are time sensitive, need to be reviewed for accuracy, and require timely action. All documents need to be filed properly and retained. We will handle every aspect of document management, including secure storage powered by Google and Carbonite.

Get Expert Claims Management and Hearings Representation

The most costly part of unemployment is when a claim has been filed against you. Losing an unemployment claim can cost your business upwards of $20,000. We'll manage all aspects of the claim and any hearings to give you the best chance to win and preserve all of that money.

Pinnacle Hearings Representation