unemployment insurance training seminar

We offer our clients an awesome, complimentary unemployment insurance seminar. It’s great for HR, managers and even executives. We talk about the high risk, high cost behaviors that employees fall into, and how to respond in a way that respects the employee and protects the company. We cover the topics of:

  • properly documenting misconduct, leaves of absence, and resignations
  • state laws surrounding discharges and quits
  • implementing uniformly enforced disciplinary action

You and your people also get a set of electronic form templates to document any situation properly. This empowers your organization with the knowledge and tools to protect itself and its employees. Get in touch to find out more.

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State Websites

Visit State websites to learn more about  charge statement auditing and UI.

Connecticut Information

Massachusetts Information

Rhode Island Information

UI Guides

Click these links for downloadable PDF guides about UI by State.

Connecticut Guide

Massachusetts Guide

Rhode Island Guide